Often, when people talk about outbound marketing in the legal industry, they are talking about buying advertising in print media, television, or even social media platforms. To some extent, this type of campaign can prove to be a gamble, with firms unable to bank on their messages reaching the right people.

This is why you will often hear experts talking about the value of inbound marketing—in which qualified potential clients reach out to your law firm based on its reputation, word of mouth recommendations, or other organic introduction.

However, outbound campaigns play an equally important role in the business running a law firm. By reaching out to qualified leads via phone, email, and text, law firms today are realizing they don’t have to wait for a potential client to track them down. It puts the law firm in complete control.

Outbound Campaigns in Today’s Law Firms

These days, law firms find they can enjoy the broad reach of a mass media advertisement, but fine tuned with the strategic implementation of a targeted outbound marketing campaign. These campaigns can include phone, emails, texts, and multimedia.

This capability proves especially beneficial for class-action law firms, in which attorneys and staff may find themselves reaching out to hundreds of prospective or existing clients or members of a class action lawsuit. Everyone understands this outreach to be a necessary evil in the course of growing a firm, but office managers still wince with the realization that such work is not the best use of an attorney’s, paralegal’s, or other staff member’s time and talent—especially when an attorney who makes a couple of hundred dollars an hour could be spending that time on billable work.

For this reason, many law firms have sought alternative ways of handling the operational aspects of outbound campaigns.

Outbound Call Centers Eat Away at the Bottom Line

To offload some of the burden of outbound campaigns, some law firms turn to outbound call centers, which use sophisticated technology to autodial contacts from a database, leave voicemails if nobody answers, and route calls to agents when someone picks up. It’s an efficient way to handle outbound campaigns and effectively takes this mindless routine off the law firm’s plates.

However, the service adds a permanent line item to the law firm’s monthly operating expenses, which serves to cut into the return on investment (ROI) for any lead conversion. There’s also the added drawback of these call center agents not being a part of the firm, which makes them just a little less vested in the outcome of their work.

And this is why we have developed PERSIST™ Software.

PERSIST™ Outbound Call Center

PERSIST™ leverages all the powerful features of sophisticated call center technology.

PERSIST™ enables your firm to automate the handling of such outbound campaigns as:

  • Generating leads for class-action lawsuits
  • Locating recipients for settlements
  • Following up with class members to arrange interviews
  • Calling class members to interview them
  • Following up to collect paperwork from individuals who have opted into a lawsuit
  • Responding to phone calls and emails from clients

Each one of the above tasks would require many hours of rote work from staff or lawyers who could otherwise be focusing on higher level tasks that require their skills and knowledge.

PERSIST™ Lets You Use Your Firm’s Resources Intelligently

When PERSIST™ handles the calling for your firm, your team can work on the jobs you hired them to do, and they will be happier—and more productive—for it.