The Law Offices of Gacovino Lake was growing. It didn’t take long for its founding partners to realize they were going to have to be extremely smart about handling critical operations—taking special care with decisions that could affect staff’s productivity and morale, while also keeping a fixed eye on the bottom line.

As with any law firm, the staff at Gacovino Lake already juggled many roles. The partners knew that the increase in business could easily become more than staff could handle.

And they knew it all began with the phones.

Every incoming phone call represented a client or potential client. The firm knew it could outsource this activity to a legal call center. They also knew that this decision would add a new, permanent line item to their balance sheets.

So they thought about everything that a call center offers, and they got an idea.

“What if we made our own call center software to route incoming calls?”

And as they thought about it, they thought about more possibilities:

  • “What if we connected this software to our firm’s contact database and let the program handle outbound calls, too?”
  • “What if the software then updated our firm’s database with all the activity on each client account?”
  • “What if we made this software able to interface with any type of database?”

The list of “What ifs” grew. Ultimately, the firm’s vision was quickly developing into sophisticated call center software that they could bring in-house—matching all the capabilities of an outsource provider and using their own intake agents to handle live interactions.

And that is exactly what the firm developed.

The Law Offices of Gacovino Lake developed its in-house software with such robust features as:

  • A power dialer
  • Customizable Voice Messaging Campaigns
  • Customizable Email and Text Campaigns
  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • Client Information Verification
  • Multimedia Campaigns
  • Managing Follow-Ups
  • Automated Scheduling for Callbacks

And the program worked like a charm. The law firm saw greater efficiency. Happier clients. More clients.

Most importantly, they saw happier staff. With the firm’s new software handling all the mundane aspects of vital firm communications—like dialing, emailing, and texting—staff were now free to devote their time and talents to matters that truly required their skills: talking to clients.

The partners at the Law Offices of Gacovino Lake had one more idea.

“What if we made our software available to other law firms?”


Bring PERSIST™ into your law firm to automatically handle greater volumes of communications and case management. Like the Law Offices of Gacovino Lake, you will dramatically increase your daily client-generating communications using the same amount of staff you currently employ. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can handle the same volume you currently manage, using a smaller staff.

You will be able to manage lead status for all prospective clients and always know where they are in the process. You will enjoy a return on your investment that reduces firm overhead while growing your client base. And best of all, your team will welcome the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge to the business of your business—the law.

It’s all about using your resources intelligently and so your staff can do what you do best—practice law.

This is us. This is PERSIST™.