Podcasts have spiked in popularity all over the world particularly since the pandemic started. Podcast topics cover all types of subjects, so companies are taking advantage of this new trend. But how can it be beneficial to start a podcast for legal companies? Read on and find out how to become a thought leader and grow your law firm or legal company by starting your own podcast!

1. Podcasts are More Popular Than Ever

We have seen a spike in podcast interest over the last five years. Even more so over the last year due to the pandemic. Because people are spending more time at home and viewing media on their computers and mobile devices, podcasts are increasing in popularity. More people are taking part in podcasts, therefore more people are listening, which can give your company an opportunity to have your voice heard and connect with your customers.

Additionally, podcasts are becoming more popular because they are so easily accessible. They are available across multiple platforms and can be listened to while driving to work, while at the gym or any other activity. A survey study found 6 in 10 people above the age of 12 have listened to at least one podcast in 2021. Also, it has been found that 32% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly.

2. Creates Engagement and Personalization

Creating engagement is one of the most important parts of connecting customers to your business. However, for a legal company, it can be difficult to create engagement because your audience is not traditionally the type to engage with legal services unless they need it. With podcasting, it allows you to become more personal and show your personality to your audience in a more relaxed way. This allows the real you to shine through rather than just text on a website.

Having various discussions and even guest speakers on your podcast allows discussions related to your company that you are passionate about. Additionally, it gives your audience more insight into your company on a personal level. When you can explain your thoughts on a subject via voice, your listeners can hear your passion, humor, and how you feel about a subject. Just the sound of someone’s voice and how they carry themselves via podcasting brings personality to your brand, thereby humanizing your company. With this, your audience will be more inclined to engage with your brand on every level.

3. Makes Your Company More Human

In addition to more engagement, making your brand more human goes hand in hand when podcasting. Podcasts are effective in humanizing your brand because while listening individuals can hear your voice, listen to your tone, and understand your individual opinions and experiences without the potential distraction of a visual. When your audience tunes in to your podcasts, they can get a better understanding of your personality.

Now more than ever, people crave human connections and interactions. Podcasts are an amazing way to deliver information on behalf of your company in a more human way. Studies show many people listen to podcasts while doing tasks like cooking, driving, exercising, and more as a form of ‘having company around.’

4. Develop More Relationships

Additionally, by hosting a podcast you can develop more meaningful relationships with clients and connections in several ways. First, by collaborating. Collaborating with someone in your field by having them as a guest speaker on your podcast can bring different insights and personality to your brand. By having guests, their following will watch your podcast and increase your following.

By having a podcast, you interact with people that you do not deal with daily and will develop more connections for your network, especially in the legal industry. Your passion and expertise in your area will help gain more followers and develop more relationships.

5. Fuel Your Company

By starting a podcast, it will give lawyers and legal service companies a way to reach new prospects and even current clients that they were not able to before. Because podcasts create engagement, this gives you the opportunity to connect with your clients and increase your chances of doing business with them.

Podcasts can also fuel your company by establishing you and your brand as more credible. By expressing your opinions, solutions, advice, and input on various legal subjects, you will establish credibility, as well as thought leadership, with your audience.

6. Cost-Effective

Starting a podcast is not as expensive as one might think. All you need are a few tools and resources, such as:

  • Quality microphone
  • Headphones (separate)
  • Audio Editing software
  • Podcast hosting software

These tools range from $100-$200, depending on your requirements. Podcast hosting sites are around $20 a month if you are editing the content yourself.

If you wish to spend even less money and get started right away, a podcast can be hosted right on an iPhone or smartphone quickly and efficiently.

There are many great podcast hosting sites such as:

7. Brings More Opportunities

As a legal company, starting a podcast can expand your network and bring more opportunities to your brand. Having guests in different legal sectors and interviewing them can bring valuable insight and new perspectives. Varying topics can reach a broader audience which can increase your own audience following. This can provide opportunities that you would have not previously had.

Additionally, by having guests, they will want to promote their presence on your podcast for their own businesses. Because of this, your business will get exposure from their entire audience. Furthermore, bringing more opportunities for growth and new prospects.

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