Task: The Old, Manual Way vs. The PERSIST™ Way

Persist intelligent call center software dramatically improves your law firm’s efficiency by automating communications to yield tangible business outcomes.

The program’s sophisticated autodialing feature means your firm will be able to handle a significantly higher volume of calls—or handle the same call volume with a smaller team. Either way, it translates to a healthier return on investment (ROI).

And there’s more. Persist is a genuine workhorse. The software leaves voicemails and sends emails and text messages. It can even send pre-recorded phone messages to a group of people, as needed—all without agent intervention. Furthermore, like any thorough agent, Persist records notes based on the program’s client activity.

How Persist Works

Persist does all its work automatically and in the background. It is easy, quiet, efficient, and effective. Here’s how it works.

Use Your Existing Case Management Software

Persist software integrates with your existing case management software—no need to export your database to another system. We just connect your database to Persist.

Next, Persist will need a place to log its client activity notes. We simply add a “Persist Status” field to your existing case management program’s database. All the software’s completed communications tasks will be logged as a status in this field.

Customize Your Communications Plan

Finally, you will set up you how you want Persist to handle your firm’s communications, in terms of the communication types (phone call, voice mail message, email, or SMS) you want Persist to handle, as well as the sequence and frequency for these communications. You can set your communications plan at different settings for different days of the week.

Here is one example of a communications plan you can set in Persist:

  • Day 1: Call > Voicemail > Email> SMS
  • Day 2: Call
  • Day 3: Call > Voicemail> SMS> email
  • Day 4: Call
  • Day 5: Voicemail > Email> SMS

Persist lets you send different messages throughout the sequence you have set. This way, you can customize your communications, depending on where your prospective clients are in the intake process.

With the software’s robust, customizable features, you can tweak your communications campaign to maximize return. Set a test plan and see how your follow-up frequency or sequence affects the number of prospects you convert, then fine-tune as necessary.

Activities Are Recorded for Easy Tracking

All Persist’s activities are recorded in your case management software. Simply navigate to a particular case file and you will see the task history related to that client. While you are there, take a moment to appreciate that without Persist, each of these tasks would have consumed an agent’s time. Using Persist, the only time an agent intervenes is when a call recipient answers the call, in which case, the software will route the call to the appropriate agent.

Why Persist?

Outbound Marketing: Use outbound communications to generate and qualify your leads, set up appointments, and follow-up on previous forms of contact with existing or potential clients. When the outbound communications are automated, agents don’t have to worry about the routine functions, so they can focus on engaging with clients, which also increases your firm’s ROI.

Lead Conversion: Why throw more money at ads, hoping they pay off with new clients, when you have a gold mine of untapped leads sitting in your database? We will convert dead leads, beef up your customer base, and increase your firm’s return on investment.

SaaS Integration: By moving key firm applications to the cloud, you can safely and efficiently distribute them to members of your team—with no need for configuration or maintenance. Once again, milking the productive minutes in your firm’s day.