Generating new leads plays a critical role in the building of any business, and law firms are no exception. Although the internet has simplified the goal of lead generation, the task still remains a challenging goal for most law firms. It happens to be a subject of constant discussion among law firm marketing professionals.

PERSIST™ founders recognize the hidden goldmine that exists in any law firm’s database of “dead” leads. We can help you mine this data to bring in new business and grow your client base.

The Numbers Make Sense

Lead conversion is your law firm’s ticket to untapped clients. Sure, you can go about getting fresh, new leads by buying more advertising and waiting for those campaigns to work their magic, but that can be a long and sometimes unfruitful wait. Furthermore, ads are expensive and unpredictable in terms of return. The chances that you will cost justify the expenditure of yet another ad campaign by either receiving a return on the investment or even breaking even is modest.

Consider instead, the option of growing your customer base with new leads by converting old leads.

The old leads generated from previous campaigns represent new revenue streams. You have all the information you need in your customer relationship management (CRM) system, and you’ve already paid for it. Why not put it to use, rather than just sit there as dead weight in your CRM system?

Any old lead converted to a client means “found money” for your firm. Your cost per customer acquisition drops, and your return on investment (ROI) skyrockets.

You just need to reach out to these potential clients and remind them of your firm, its practice areas, wins, and so on. The only problem is your firm cannot afford to waste time and effort on what you feel could end up being a wild goose chase. After all, your firm’s lawyers are already busy talking to existing clients and handling their cases. They simply do not have the time to court old leads and convert them to new clients.

That’s where PERSIST™ comes in.

PERSIST™ Will Convert Your Old Leads

As attorneys in their own law firm, the founders of PERSIST™ understand the importance of lead conversion for sustaining the business health of a law office. They also know firsthand that for all the potential “dead” leads hold, they often go ignored, with more attention paid to generating new leads via advertising, social media, and so on.

Through simple math, PERSIST™ founders realized that old leads bring a much lower cost per customer acquisition and a much greater ROI.

Now they want other law firms to benefit from this realization. Rather than throwing dollar after dollar at advertising with high reach, but questionable conversion rates, consider letting PERSIST™ help you convert more of the “dead” leads you already have in your CRM.

Send us your dead leads and we’ll convert them for you, breathing new life into your firm’s client base.

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