Unified Communications helps businesses by staying connected to customers in the channel they prefer and is easily accessed through the web. But what is UC (Unified Communications)? How does it work? What can it do for your business? Whether you are a large or small business, taking part in unified communications can make your company run smoother than ever.

What are Unified Communications?

Unified communications or UC is a collection of frameworks that aids in communication needs. This includes telephone, video calling, email, instant messaging, and other forms of communication into a single platform. Many businesses or individuals use UC to boost productivity and make communications with clients and colleagues more convenient.

Unified communications platforms are owned, run, and supported by the provider. This means UC platforms address errors directly online. Each type of communication usually requires some sort of “app” that you must log into and store information. This can make it easier when it comes to storing information because it is on another server compared to relying on your own device storage. These “apps” are easily accessible, mobile, and convenient no matter what your business needs.

Various Kinds of UC

Unified communications are a collection of several types of communications that businesses can use to communicate with their employees and their customers. But there are many types of Unified communications that a company can use, such as:

  • Cloud-based: Cloud-based UC can also be known as SaaS programs or software as a service. You can access these programs through the web and promote fast and effective results as well as convenience. Cloud-based is all about quick automation which means short sales cycles and all online. Overall, cloud-based UC can strengthen your communications with customers or employees because of convenience.
  • Video: Video is a powerful unified communication tool that businesses use every day. It is one of the best ways to communicate to your clients and audience and the most diverse. Using HD videos across the web, social media, and other mobile platforms can bring attention and promote your company. Also, using video communication like video chatting platforms can allow you to communicate with your employees, colleagues, and coworkers easier than ever which can boost sales and productivity.
  • Mobile: Mobile is one of the most important pieces of unified communication available. In today’s world, your business cannot survive if your website and business are not mobile-friendly. Your mobile communications software must be compatible with smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches. By having this, your communication with your clients becomes stronger.

How Can Unified Communications Help Your Business?

UC (Unified Communications) platforms can help ease a busy schedule and help you connect with your employees. But what other benefits can it bring? The right UC platforms can bring many other benefits such as:

Boost Productivity

Nowadays, everyone wants all systems to work quickly and not waste time. Unified communications get things done faster and better. UC also makes communicating easier and more convenient. The scale of communication has expanded far past the standard phone call and email. With the abundance of UC resources, clients and colleagues can connect with each other effortlessly which frees up more time to do other tasks.

Reduced costs

With most unified communications services being SaaS, you are more likely to pay a lot less than for a typical physical software product. Not only are most UC’s inexpensive, but it also does not require in-house IT (Information Technology) support or maintenance because the digital software takes care of issues on their end via the web.


When communication tools make your job easier, you can work with a more flexible schedule. Before UC, people needed to travel to offices or even other states to meet in person when the subject couldn’t be discussed via email or phone call. But now, with UC platforms, companies have more flexibility to be mobile and work from anywhere in the world with nearly the same experience as in person.

Stronger performance

As previously said, more flexibility goes hand in hand with stronger performance. You can complete projects faster and more efficiently when you have effective communication tools. This improves your productivity as a worker and your business overall.


People collaborate by coming together to complete a project or share ideas for new or improved elements. When using UC elements or platforms, the communication between workers can be enhanced. When it comes to workplace collaboration, some find it difficult because of strained communication. But by using UC platforms, seamless collaboration can be achieved.