Software as a Service (SaaS) consists of applications that third-party service providers retain, manage, and deliver. You are already familiar with many examples of SaaS, including the following:

  • Office 365
  • Salesforce
  • Google applications

PERSIST™ Software, developed specifically for the legal industry, is another example of a SaaS program. Like other SaaS software offerings, PERSIST™ Software presents your law firm with many advantages, ranging from the economical to the practical. This is why SaaS applications, in general, are so popular as solutions among marketing, management, and sales teams.

With the PERSIST™ Software SaaS program in place at your law firm, you get all the benefits of advanced operating environments, meshed with the benefit of nominal time and effort spent integrating the software with your firm’s existing applications and data warehouses.

Economic Benefits

From a business customer’s perspective, perhaps one of the most meaningful benefits of a SaaS program like PERSIST™ Software is the ability to pay for only those program features that your firm will use and/or those that fit your firm’s budget. Furthermore, the service provider (that’s us) handles all the maintenance required for the program, as well as conducting upgrades as needed, and handling all the customer support.

Your firm has no need to employ additional information technology (IT) resources to handle integrating SaaS software with existing office systems, like your customer relationship management (CRM). The interfaces for such integration are exceptionally simple and easy to execute—typically accomplished in a matter of clicks.

Speedy Deployment

SaaS applications like PERSIST™ Software also enjoy a solid reputation for being consistently quick to deploy because the programs are pre-configured. Installation is quick and integration is easy, requiring truly little additional time and enabling your firm to hit the ground running.

Also, because PERSIST™ Software is a SaaS application, you can check how compatible your in-house system is with the program before you buy it using our online demo.

Technological Ease

The last thing your firm wants or needs is to have busy lawyers and staff have to concern themselves with your software integrating into your existing infrastructure. Let us handle the management of your hardware and software, so you can focus on the strategy of running a law firm and practicing law.

As service providers for the PERSIST™ Software SaaS application, we will take care of software upgrades. These upgrades will happen automatically with no need for anyone from your team to intervene, install patches or plug-ins, or do anything else.

Integration With Your CRM

The efficiency gains from any piece of software you purchase for your law firm are only as great as the extent to which the program integrated with other applications used by your organization. The better the software can share data with other essential business applications in use at your firm, the more you will get out of it—and all your applications.

When you book a demo of PERSIST™ Software, you will be asked which CRM you are using. A live representative will guide you through the program’s features and functionality, showing how the application will integrate with your existing database.

Remote Work Options

SaaS applications like PERSIST™ Software live in the “cloud.” This means your team can access the program from anywhere and using a variety of devices. All you need is a steady internet connection, and your team can be checking on client details and other firm data from wherever they happen to be at the time.


Whether your firm is growing or scaling down, your software needs will change accordingly, making it critical that the software you purchase can be scaled up or down as required. Because SaaS applications like PERSIST™ Software exist for the purpose of customization, scalability comes second nature. You can adjust its PERSIST™ Software subscription to ensure that the performance needs of your firm are met.

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