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It does not matter how many bells and whistles a software program offers. If you cannot see how the features will function for your business, it’s all just bits and bytes.

We can tell you how PERSIST™ Software’s call center software will improve your law firm’s efficiency, effectiveness, and bottom line, or we can show you. With a step-by-step visual tour of PERSIST™ Software’s robust offerings, we know you will be better able to envision how it will apply to your law firm.

A Live Persist Demo, Tailored to Your Firm’s Needs

If you want to see firsthand and face-to-face how PERSIST™ Software works, simply fill out the form to book a live demo of the software. Within this form, you can choose a time for the demo that suits your busy schedule.

We will ask you to specify which customer relationship management (CRM) software your firm is using, as well as whether you are currently using a call center, and other details that will help us better tailor this demo for your law firm and show you how PERSIST™ Software will work for your specific operational needs.

Gain an Enriched Understanding of Persist

Plan to spend one hour in the demo as one of our representatives guides you through a complete understanding of PERSIST™ Software. You will immerse yourself in the program’s user interface and see how intuitively you are able to navigate through the software’s features.

Our representative can explore the benefits of each feature—as they specifically apply to your law firm—in real-time. You will grow a much richer comprehension of PERSIST™ Software and how it can work to make your law firm’s communications faster, better, and more profitable—much more than you would by simply reading through a product slick with bulleted lists of features.

Invite Other Members of Your Law Firm

Best of all, throughout the course of the demo, you can ask all the questions that occur to you. Consider gathering a small group of people from your firm to sit in on the demo.

If you thoughtfully choose attendees who represent various functions at your firm, they can each focus on different aspects of how PERSIST™ Software works, enabling them to ask important questions that might not occur to a single person. This will give you a well-rounded view of the program so you can feel completely informed about a purchase decision.

Book Your Demo Today

Fill out the form to book your personal, one-on-one live demo, via Zoom, of PERSIST™ Software today. We will send you an email confirmation of the demo when it has been booked.