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All businesses need clients to prosper, but how do they find these clients? Through a lead generation and lead procurement system. And, most importantly, measuring all lead generation and procurement efforts across every channel of marketing. The next question that comes to mind is…well, what system and what should I be measuring? Follow the Leader!


You may already have a lead generation system in place, but didn’t know it. Or, you have a lead system, but don’t measure it or are not sure on how to measure the efficacy of your current system. Let’s go through the steps of gathering leads and just how you can grow your client base, assuming no system and no measuring tools are currently in place.


First, we want to determine our target market. Determining the target market may seem an elementary step, but corporate goals and targets may not be truly aligned with sales team goals or targets. As such, it is an important exercise to go through if this is not clearly defined across the company.


At this point you may be saying to yourself, “But, how do I find the right leads, and where?” If you are new to the game of lead generation, it can be overwhelming with all of the lead suppliers out there. You also have to decide if you are going to purchase leads or try to get them yourself, or both. There are pros and cons to purchasing leads; however, regardless of whether you can purchase leads or not, all of your marketing touch points should have basic lead capture forms in order to optimize your efforts.

As a business owner, there are ethical considerations to keep in mind when purchasing lists due to the current regulations in email and other marketing communications to a client. With this in mind, choosing a lead provider becomes your most important effort in lead generation. Just like you would with any other high priced product, do your research. Do they have a return policy? Can you see testimonials, references or a sample list? Do you get a list or they transfer the calls to you? In any big purchase decision, you would look at who has bought from them before and the reputation of the company selling the product….so be sure to do the same in choosing the right lead provider. This is for the life of your business.


If you recall, the first step in this process was to clearly delineate your target market. At this stage, we need to qualify the lead. Qualification criteria should be clearly defined in order to maximize efforts in contacting the client. This will also assist you in defining the right lead provider, if the provider asks for qualification criteria you know you’re at least half way to appropriating the right vendor. Once the lead has been qualified, you can go to the next step, segmenting the lead by interest level. A leads interest level will determine what type of contact, and when, they can or should be contacted in the client life cycle (now, later, by email, by phone, etc.).

Measure, measure, measure and then examine the metrics. The questions to ask and measure are defined by your previously segmented leads. How many are in each segment? What happens to each of the segments (track the client experience)? Where are they ‘stuck’ in the sales funnel? Remember, this is a systematic approach and should be constantly improved to get a measurable return on every marketing investment dollar spent.


The biggest (not so) secret in lead generation is Persist™. For those in the know, Persist is already handling the entire lead process for their law firm. If, after reading above, leads seem too complicated or you just want to increase your inventory, you should call Persist and let us tell you how we can provide and manage your leads (yes, even dead leads). Call us at 866-473-7747 to see how we can help you lead your pack today!