Any law firm that takes their business seriously finds it hard to cost justify members of their team robotically dialing number after number to build up business. Intake agents’ time and talents serve the firm best when they are actually talking to prospective clients—not dialing phone numbers. And not sending texts and emails, for that matter.

This is where Persist Software comes in.

Robust Call Center Features Deliver High ROI

Persist is intelligent call center software that sits in your law firm, placing outbound calls; broadcasting email, text, and voice mail campaigns—and recording everything in your client management system (CMS) so you always know the status of your leads.

Power dialer
Automatically dials phone numbers from your client management software database—using parameters you select. If someone answers a call, it is automatically routed to one of your available intake agents.

Customizable Voice Messaging Campaigns
Enables you to pre-record voice mails and distribute them, per your defined communications plan. You can even record a voice mail and broadcast it to a large group.

Customizable Email and Text Campaigns

Allows you to write an email and send it to pertinent leads or clients as part of your daily communication plan sequence

Client Information Verification

Transfers calls to an agent when bad contact information prevents a communication from executing successfully

Multimedia Campaigns

Simultaneously broadcasts hard-copy documents, texts, emails, and voice messages to multiple contacts

Manages Follow-Ups

Automated lead management frees staff to apply themselves to meaningful person-to-person communications

Automated Scheduling for Callbacks

Enables prospects or agents to request and schedule an automated callback until they reach a live person

Using Firm Resources Wisely

When a client prospect answers Persist’s autodialed call, the software automatically transfers the call to a live agent, who proceeds to do the job you really hired them to do—talk to people (not dial phone numbers).

This means staff spends less time on the repetitive, mind-numbing tasks of dialing and waiting for calls to connect—and more time talking to prospects and clients and closing deals. This is good for business and great for morale.

Law firms that use Persist operate their businesses more efficiently—and more intelligently. Rather than randomly cherry-picking cases on which to follow up, your team can check the client records in Persist, which automatically manages lead status for each prospective client, and know where a prospective client sits in the process.

The sheer volume of communications and case management that Persists handles means your firm generates significantly more client-generating communications each day, using the same amount of staff you currently employ—or handles the same amount you currently manage, but with a smaller staff. In other words, you get a return on your investment that not only saves on firm overhead, but also helps grow your client base.