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Get the most out of your technology.

We are here to assist you with your information technology needs for your business. Don’t get stuck behind with antiquated service, let Persist manage it for you today. We also provide total transparency so you can see everything via reports.



Get the most out of your systems.

We assess and provide an integrated approach to setting up your systems, including network and unified communications. We also provide total transparency so you can see everything via reports.




Here’s how easy it can work for your business… #1 – You provide us with your unconverted leads. #2 – We then process your leads through our system and refer converted leads back to your business.

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PERSIST Software Features

Contacting New Clients

PERSIST™ power dialer calls on pre-set days and times, then connects each call recipient with a live agent.

Staying In Touch

PERSIST™ emails and texts are sent as part of the follow-up sequence. PERSIST™ also generates notes based on the activities that have been performed.

Live Agents

PERSIST™ uses live agents. When an incoming call connects to our system, a live agent in the U.S. answers the phone.

Verifying Client Info

PERSIST™ sends periodic phone calls, texts, and emails to ensure than an individual’s contact information on file is current. If the file requires updates, then the call is transferred to a live agent.

The old, manual way is a thing of the past.
The time is now to try the PERSIST way.

Taking the time to screen new customers is time consuming and takes you away from other, more important tasks. Let our team of seasoned experts and our proven methods help you grow your business.

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